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Characters inspired by culture

🔥 3 hand-made sculptures + 3D hand painted digital art piece.

🌱 Genesis Collection - meet the team, artists and artisan.

🔑 39 unique NFTs.

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  1. Connect your ETH wallet.
  2. Mint your Africhibi NFT.
  3. Go to gallery & access your exclusive digital content, and form to provide delivery details.
  4. Give us 30 days to ship your set of handmade soapstone sculptures!

Token-gated content for all NFT holders. Go to gallery and click on your artwork to access IPFS folder with your content.

Meet the characters


Inspired by Maasai jewellery and flowing, interconnected soapstone sculptures from Kenya.


Inspired by the horns of the African buffalo. 'Pamoja' in swahili means 'together'. 'moo' means 🐮


Modelled on the spiky, Amasunzu hairstyles from Rwanda, traditionally worn by youth to display their romantic availability.


A legendary Africhibi, rumoured to be related to the Pamooji. It is said there is only one remaining in the wild 👀

An additional limited edition sculpture will be included in one buyer's package. They will receive the pamooji and digital artwork for it by Brian Njenga.



Each NFT includes...


  • A set of 3 sculptures, hand-carved out of soapstone.
  • Direct contact to the Kenyan artisan who made them.
  • Order more for friends & family directly from the artisan.

Social Utilities

🙏🏼 Buyers directly support those who made the collection.

✅ Priority access to future drops.

🙌🏾 Community meetups.

⭐️ Buyer's name in exhibition at Nairobi Design Week 2023.

Digital Assets

  • Unique artwork for your 3D model by one of 20+ artists.
  • License to use the artwork commercially.
  • Videos & Images - 3D renders & animations of your artwork to print, share, or use as you wish.
  • 3D models rigged for animations (after launch).

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Artists, designers and makers all directly benefit from the primary & secondary sales.

The Artists

Everyone involved will receive an equal share of royalties.

  • Edmond Nonay
  • Manjahi Njoroge
  • David King'ori
  • Mohamed Firozhusein
  • Edwin Kapesa
  • Mutura Kuria
  • Denis Kamau
  • Rahim Kara
  • Felix Owaga
  • Naitiemu
  • Sophie Mwende
  • Kevin Musau
  • Alien River
  • Brian Richu
  • Brvinchild (Amos Onyango)
  • Tracy A.O
  • Joy Mala
  • Brian Njenga
  • Felix Tao
  • Leo Letouze
  • Joash Macenton
  • Geoffrey Magana
  • Agnes Opondo
  • Adam Yawe
  • Adrian Jankowiak

The Team

We're the team behind Nairobi Design Week, East Africa's most exciting design festival.

We're a small, doxxed team using our strengths to bring you something we're passionate about.


Tech Lead


Design Lead


Community Manager



💚 All the digital artworks from the first collection (random mint).
👆 Select an Africhibi to read their story and open the lock 🔐 to access NFT gated content.
📫 Order your physical sculptures to be delivered.